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Sarkin Kano






Western Sheka garden and grazing for camels is cemetery; Sulaiman, Dabo, Bello and Shehu are buried there. Eastern Sheka is also garden.

Soron Giwa

Soron Bello; chiefs and others wait for Emir

Soron Ingila courtroom fada; built in 1932 after the return of the Emir from England

Soron Mallam built by Dabo no function



Kano Emirate


Jihad of Shehu Usman Danfodio

British Conquest and Colonial Rule

Independence and First Republic

Local Government Reforms


Hakimai/District Heads and Titleholders


Emir’s Palace

Mosques; Juma’at Mosque, Fagge Mosque; Galadanci Mosque; Wudilawa Mosque, Yola Mosque; Jalli Mosque

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