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Tukur the son of Sarkin Kano Bello was the Galadiman Kano and hero of the battle of Arugungu in which he saved the Sarkin Musulmi Abdurrahman who later appointed him Sarkin Kano in December 1893 (Last 1966: 468). This was the reward for his bravery at that the Arugungu encounter in which the Sokoto army was nearly defeated. Waziri Bukhari advised against Tukur’s appointment because of the latter’s unpopularity and the fact that the Sarkin Musulmi had earlier promised to appoint Yusuf who was more popular in Kano (Hogben 1967: 211).

The majority of the apolitical Kano Jama’a pledged their allegiance to Tukur but only two sons Sarkin Kano Abdullahi Majekarofi pledged their allegiance to him because they were the only ones not dismissed by Tukur’s father. It was in the presence of one of them, Wambai Shehu that Tukur’s brother, Sarkin Shanu Datti made this statement: “today only five of us have conquered one hundred” (Fika 1978: 61). This statement angered Tukur and he reprimanded his younger brother but the damage had been done. Wambai Shehu was so furious that he went straight to Yusuf’s residence were his brothers were meeting and planning the next line of action.

Most of the territorial chiefs and Emirate titleholders were Tukurawa (supporters of Tukur). For example Madaki Ibrahim Mallam, Makama Iliyasu, Sarkin Bai Bashari (Alhaji), Alkalin Kano Modibo Salihu, Sarkin Gaya Ibrahim Dabo and Sarkin Fulanin Dambatta were all staunch supporters of Sarki Tukur. He directed Chiroma Musa, Turaki Zakari and Sarkin Fulanin Dambatta to defend Gano, Gogel and Garko respectively against the Yusufawa (supporters of Yusuf) who have already left Kano for Takai. He also instructed them to secure the support of the inhabitants of these towns against the rebels (Said 1978: 365-369 and Fika 1978: 74).

Sarkin Kano Tukur was late in mobilizing his supporters for the inevitable Kano civil war campaigns. He executed all those who were accused of sympathizing with Yusuf or made attempt to join the Yusufawa (Fika 1978: 68 and Robinson 1896: 82-3). Tukur’s cruelty in executing his opponents was reported by Temple who noted that: “Tukur is said to have killed 100 of his (Yusuf’s) followers at each gate after he left (Magatakarda Aminu is said to have set him to do this; the man is now Katsena)” (Lovejoy, Mahadi and Mukhtar 1993: 66). Even those who were accused of attempting to follow Yusuf to Takai were killed one of them was a scholar Mallam Shehu Usman a cousin of the Tukur’s incumbent Alkalin Kano Modibo Salih (Ado 1988: 13). These actions of Tukur made him to loose the support of many people who later joined the Yusufawa at Takai.

The Yusufawa drove Sarkin Kano Tukur out of Kano in Safar 1312 AH (August 1894). He set up a rival court at Kamri but Aliyu who assumed the leadership of Yusufawa after the death of Yusuf pursued him. A serious battle between the two parties took place at Tafashiya Tukur was seriously wounded after a brave attempt to strike at Alu. As the bravest fighter of the Sullubawa dynasty he had wanted face-to-face battle with Alu knowing fully well that he was stronger and more skilful than the later. He charged his horse but slipped on perhaps a stone and he fell. Barde Abdu Nagwangwazo took advantage and attacked him with a spare to dispatch him (Smith 1997: 355). He later died on Saturday 19th Ramadan 1312 (16th March 1895) at Gurin and he was buried there.

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